Outdoor WPC Floor

Good Waterproof, Non-Slip

Applications of WPC solid decking

WPC decking manufactured with recycled wood and plastic lumber are not only non-toxic, but they're known to be more durable than conventional pressure-treated lumber. Composite deck boards made of a wood/plastic blend are generally more rigid than 100 percent recycled plastic lumber because the wood fibers act as reinforcement.
Additionally, the plastic in the composite mixture encapsulates and binds the wood together, making composite deck boards able to resist moisture penetration and degradation from fungal rot.

Product Advantages:
1. High strength, high hardness, slip resistance, abrasion resistance, Waterproof, fire-retardant, mildew resistant, Moisture resistant, no rotting.
2. Weather resistant, suitable from minus - 40 to 60 centigrade degree and against UV.
3. Pest control, anti-termite, anti-moth-eaten, prolong the lifetime.
4. Easy assembly, simple construction and no complex processing method, time and money saving.
5. Can be re-processed, sawed, planned, glued, fixed with nail or screw, easy and convenient to install.
6. With the look of the natural wood but less timber problems. Easy to install and clean.
7. High recyclable, eco-friendly, saving forest resources, The material is free of benzene, lead and other hazardous, meeting the national standards and international level.
8. Colorful, many options for colors. Embodied with the sense of natural wood and wood texture, the color can also be customized according to clients' different personality.

Processing performance: can be re-processed, sawed, planned, glued, fixed with nail or screw, easy and convenient to install. Through normal practices, it can be processed into many kinds of products, widely used for indoor and outdoor decoration in municipal garden, construction, sports stadiums, private courtyard etc.

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Project Details

  • Hardness : 61HRR Moisture content : 0.30%
  • Modulus of rupture: 40MPa
  • Modulus of elasticity: 3818MPa Thickness swelling: 0.40%
  • Size change degree after calefaction: -0.10% State after calefaction no breaks,bubbles,cracks
  • Resistance to wear: 0.077g/100r
  • Size change rate of high and low temperature: -0.10%
  • Screw holding capability: 3120N
  • Content of pentachlorophenol: no pentachlorophenol content
  • Static electricity: 0.8kV
  • Formaldehyde emission: E1(0.14mg/m2h)
  • Water-tightness :Watertight
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.18 W/(mK)